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About me

My name is Pixie Neame and I am a qualified New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) tutor. I am profoundly Deaf and use NZ Sign Language to communicate. I was born in Rotorua, grew up here and still live in Rotorua. I am married to Greg and have two children. All of my family use NZ Sign Language to communicate.

From 1988-1994 I did an apprenticeship in cabinet making and worked as a tradeswoman. I left this job in 1994 to focus on my family and was a full time Mum for 7 years. In 2002 I went to Victoria University in Wellington, where I completed my Certificate in Deaf Studies and became a NZ Sign Language Tutor.

I am experienced in teaching NZSL in a variety of settings:


I have taught in mainstream schools for many years, working with Deaf and hearing children and supporting teachers and teacher aides. I have experience in following the Curriculum to assess children's needs. I also work with special needs children, both Deaf and hearing, and provide support to parents and families of Deaf children by visiting, discussing needs and teaching them in the home.


I follow the Curriculum in teaching NZSL and Deaf Culture classes in the Community, both day and night classes (all levels), and one-on-one tutoring. I also provide ‘taster classes’, which are brief one-off presentations to give you a taste for NZSL and Deaf Culture.

Government Departments and other workplaces

I provide tailor-made workshops to teach NZSL and Deaf Culture in specialised settings, as part of professional development and staff training.

My availability:

Although I am primarily based in Rotorua, I am available to travel anywhere in New Zealand to provide NZSL Education and training workshops. I regularly travel throughout the wider Bay of Plenty region, teaching NZSL classes, and I would be happy to hear from you regardless of where you are based. if you are interested in learning NZSL, or are interested in NZSL/Deaf Culture training for your staff, Please click on CONTACT ME any time and I will be happy to provide you with more information.